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  • HR’s strategic input remains poorly acknowledged
    HR Magazine More than three-quarters (76%) of HR professionals believe HR’s strategic input is poorly acknowledged, according to research from software provider Cascade HR. […]
  • Employees more likely to hide mental health issue than physical health problem
    HR Magazine Employees are more likely to lie about an absence if the cause is mental health rather than physical health related, according to research from healthcare provider AXA. […]
  • Could poor management be causing the rise in 'bullying'?
    HR Magazine Recently it was alleged that at Amazon workers are encouraged to tear apart each other’s ideas in meetings or criticise colleagues with anonymous reviews. A few days later a survey revealed that six in 10 employees have either suffered or witnessed bullying in the workplace. […]
  • A common culture is the key to global engagement
    HR Magazine A consistent company culture is key to high employee engagement levels, but this can be difficult in a multinational business. […]
  • Sports Direct under fire over employment practices
    HR Magazine The Trade Union Share Owners (TUSO) group has called on Sports Direct shareholders to vote out company chairman Keith Hellawell, following concerns over the company’s management and treatment of its workforce. […]
  • Supporting employees who have experienced trauma
    HR Magazine The incident of the Shoreham air show crash has served as a reminder to employers that it’s not just events in the workplace that can have a negative psychological impact on employees. […]
  • Zero-hours contracts data released by ONS
    HR Magazine There has been a 6% rise in the use of zero-hours contracts by UK businesses in the last year, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). […]
  • Working Families award winners: Centrica
    HR Magazine Centrica beat fierce competition to win the Best for Carers and Eldercare award at the 2015 Working Families' Top Employers for Working Families Special Awards. Read more about its winning strategy below. […]
  • Loneliness and homelessness 'least popular' CSR issues
    HR Magazine Reducing loneliness (25%), tackling homelessness (25%), and providing better care for older people (28%) are the least popular CSR issues among businesses, a survey has revealed. […]
  • HR Legal Service to be delivered by ESP Law
    HR Magazine HR Legal Service, HR magazine’s employment law offer, is to be delivered by one of the first HR consultancy companies to be granted alternative business structure status in the legal field when ESP Law launches next week. […]

Kerstin Wejlid, HR Manager, SAS Institute

22 Nov 2011

In today’s ultra-competitive business climate, successful HR strategies make all the difference to the corporate bottom line. It means to streamline and harmonize the HR processes, attract and retain key talents, performance based compensation & benefits and business driven competence development. The core in Kerstin Wejlid’s work with HR is corporate culture, strategic HR, HR transformation and Change Management. Previous to her work at SAS Institute, Kerstin has held positions as consultant, educator and decision maker within Bankgirocentralen, Mercedes Benz, Tieto Enator och Aditro.