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  • Further NHS strikes planned for November
    HR Magazine Staff across the NHS strike will strike for four hours on the morning of 24 November, according to union Unite. […]
  • 'Private school premium' for graduates worth up to £4,500
    HR Magazine Graduates who attended fee-paying schools earn up to £4,500 per year more than those who went to state schools, according to research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). […]
  • Three CEO on developing bold leaders
    HR Magazine In order to change the industry, leaders at mobile network Three needed to be developed in a different way. It developed a programme to transform the top 50 leaders into bold and creative individuals, CEO Dave Dyson explains. […]
  • More auto-enrolment fines to come, warn experts
    HR Magazine Employers who do not take pensions regulations could face more fines for not complying with auto-enrolment within the set timeframes, according to pensions experts. […]
  • 'Sharp regional disparities' in workless households
    HR Magazine The latest ONS figures on the number of workless households show the biggest drop since comparable records began but concerns remain over the concentration in some regions, according to the Work Foundation. […]
  • 'Smart drugs' in the workplace
    HR Magazine Performance-enhancing drugs may be banned in many competitive sports - but not in our increasingly competitive and performance-focused workplaces. The current trend for research programmes exploring the potential for 'human enhancement technologies (HETs) seems to mark something of a departure. […]
  • Cary Cooper: There are two sides to flexibility
    HR Magazine New underemployment figures hint at the polarising effects of flexibility without balance. […]
  • Link between ethics and business performance, finds CMI report
    HR Magazine Companies in which leaders act ethically are more sustainable and have better long-term financial performance, according to a report by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). […]
  • 'Rush to recruit' leads to drop in productivity
    HR Magazine Employers recruiting larger numbers of new staff following the financial crash have put UK workplace productivity at risk, according to PwC HR consulting practice partner Anthony Bruce. […]
  • One in three employees dissatisfied with career progression
    HR Magazine One-third of employees within the UK do not feel their career to date has met their expectations, according to research by the CIPD and Halogen Software. […]

Kerstin Wejlid, HR Manager, SAS Institute

22 Nov 2011

In today’s ultra-competitive business climate, successful HR strategies make all the difference to the corporate bottom line. It means to streamline and harmonize the HR processes, attract and retain key talents, performance based compensation & benefits and business driven competence development. The core in Kerstin Wejlid’s work with HR is corporate culture, strategic HR, HR transformation and Change Management. Previous to her work at SAS Institute, Kerstin has held positions as consultant, educator and decision maker within Bankgirocentralen, Mercedes Benz, Tieto Enator och Aditro.