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  • Three in five don't know how much they have saved for retirement
    HR Magazine Three in five (59%) people aged 65 and under with pension savings have no idea how much they have saved, according to YouGov research on behalf of B&CE, provider of The People’s Pension. […]
  • CSR and HR activities should be more closely linked, says FedEx HR manager
    HR Magazine Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities should be more closely linked with learning and development (L&D) and HR strategy, Steve Wilkins, HR manager at FedEx Express, told HR magazine. […]
  • Creating collaborative leaders
    HR Magazine Innovation relies heavily on collaboration, which in turn needs a leader who can guide and nurture talent, says Harvard Professor Linda Hill at the HR in the Boardroom programme. […]
  • UK salaries continue to rise, according to research
    HR Magazine UK employers continue to offer above average salary increases compared to those in other larger European economies. […]
  • Understanding the workforce of the future
    HR Magazine We seem to be paranoid about how we attract, engage and retain the Millennials, Generation Z's and whatever buzz names we want for those dates of birth that come after the demise of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. […]
  • Gender imbalance in IT sector growing
    HR Magazine The gender imbalance in information technology is gathering pace, with 37% of women working in the sector saying they have been passed over for promotion due to their gender. […]
  • Taking stock: HR at LSEG
    HR Magazine The London Stock Exchange has diversified greatly in recent years, but how has M&A activity affected HR practice? […]
  • AGR calls on future government to prepare young people for work
    HR Magazine The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) is calling on the future government to help employers, schools and universities to fully prepare young people for the world of work. […]
  • Numbers lying on CVs increase
    HR Magazine Nearly two-thirds (63%) of CVs contain lies, a rise of 15% in the past decade, according to an analysis of 3,000 CVs by the Risk Advisory Group. […]
  • Companies missing out on gamification benefits
    HR Magazine Four in 10 HR directors report their organisation is ‘not at all interested’ in exploring the potential of gamification, despite over half (52%) of them expressing interest in using it to improve the performance of their people. […]

Kerstin Wejlid, HR Manager, SAS Institute

22 Nov 2011

In today’s ultra-competitive business climate, successful HR strategies make all the difference to the corporate bottom line. It means to streamline and harmonize the HR processes, attract and retain key talents, performance based compensation & benefits and business driven competence development. The core in Kerstin Wejlid’s work with HR is corporate culture, strategic HR, HR transformation and Change Management. Previous to her work at SAS Institute, Kerstin has held positions as consultant, educator and decision maker within Bankgirocentralen, Mercedes Benz, Tieto Enator och Aditro.